Portable Cryolipolysis

Are you a specialist in beauty care at home or do you want to benefit from it for your personal use?

CRYOFAST GO has the solution to meet your needs! Next generation high performance portable cryolipolysis

A real alternative to liposuction, portable cryolipolysis by CRYOFAST GO is a radical method that permanently eliminates fat cells or « adipocytes » through the localized application of intense cold.

It is a non-surgical technique treating localized fatty deposits, down to -10°C, causing progressive and permanent destruction of adipocytes (apoptosis), which are particularly sensitive to cold, and without damaging adjacent tissues. Its mode of action is non-invasive, painless and only requires 1 to 3 sessions per area.


Reduction of up to 30% of localized fat after only 1 session


Express slimming in only 45 minutes

Loss of up to 7 cm in circumference

CRYOFAST GO operation:


Portable Cryolipolysis: Slimming at home

CRYOFAST GO is equipped with a high-performance « cryode » that provides a quick and effective result zone by zone in just 45 minutes.

Portable Cryolipolysis: Slimming at home

CRYOFAST GO is equipped with a high-performance « cryode » that provides a quick and effective result zone by zone in just 45 minutes.

The cellulite removal plan. White markings on young woman body preparing for plastic surgery. Concept of slimming, liposuction, strand lifting

An aesthetic objective:

The results begin to be visible from 4 weeks and, if several sessions are necessary, they will be carried out 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Thus, during the weeks following the treatment, the body will naturally eliminate the damaged fat cells, which will allow the skin to retract One session can effectively eliminate 30 to 60% of the fat on a treated area as soon as the 1st session.

The final results are acquired approximately 2 months after the last session.

1 Zone (1 to 2 simultaneous cryodes):

• Love handles
• Saddlebags
• Arms
• Inner thighs
• Under-gluteal folds
• Dorsal rolls under the bra


Cryolipolysis is a treatment used to destroy fat cells. Its principle is based on a controlled cold temperature of +30°C down to – 10°C


If you or a person wish to perform a cryolipolysis session and you are subject to one of the contraindications below, in this case the session is prohibited.


The course of a session

1.- Measure the fatty fold to be eliminated using a skinfold caliper (provided) This simple check makes it possible to determine the number of sessions necessary according to the thickness of the fatty tissue Minimum 1.5cm up to a maximum of 5cm fat fold for 1 to 3 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

2.- Mark the target area with the pencil (provided), lie down on your stomach or back, apply an “anti-freeze” membrane per area (provided) then attach the cryode to the target area.

3.- The session therefore begins when the applicator sucks in and gradually cools the fatty pad. The area to be treated is cooled between -3°C to -10°C for 35 to 45 minutes. The session being painless, you can relax by reading, listening to music, or watching a video in peace!

4.- Once the session is over, you can return to the normal course of your day and without any constraints.

Precautions for use

  • Muscle building
  • Do not use on head, neck, carotid artery, rib cage
  • Do not use the two « Pads » against each other
  • Do not carry metal or electronic objects
  • Do not have oily or wet body before use
  • Do not eat or enter water during operation
  • Do not exceed 1 hour of use per area and 1.30 hours during the day
  • Space the use at least 1 hour after meals
  • The area of ​​use and the « Pads » must be dry during operation
  • Eat (protein-rich foods) and hydrate one hour after use


    • Heart disease
    • High blood pressure
    • Thyroid problems
    • Tumor or cancer
    • Kidney and bladder disease
    • Menstruation, pregnancy and lactation
    • Epilepsy or muscle fatigue
    • Metallic or electronic implants (metallic contraceptive ring, pacemaker, etc.)
    • Established thromboembolic disorder (phlebitis)
    • Cerebrovascular disease (stroke) or brain injury
    • Surgical intervention less than six months

TARIF CRYOFAST GO, La Cryolipolyse Portable

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Séances de 30 minutes

Tarifs constatés en instituts spécialisés:

      • 250€ / séance 1 zone
      • 650€ / pack de 3 séances 1 zone


Tarifs CRYOFAST GO à domicile conseillé:

      • 200€ / séance 1 zone
      • 500€ / pack de 3 séances 1 zone

*Simulation pour la vente de 12 packs de 3 séances au tarif conseillé.

A partir de 185€ ttc / Mois

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  • 1 Appareil CRYOFAST GO Cryolipolyse Portable
  • 2 Cryodes (130 x 50 x 65mm)
  • 3 Adaptateurs pour Cryode
  • 50 membranes « Anti-Freeze »
  • 1 Adypomètre
  • 1 Mètre ruban
  • 1 Livraison standard en France métropolitaine