Until then reserved for high-level athletes, CRYOFAST is democratizing in France the practice of whole-body cryotherapy for all athletes who adopt it as a 100% reflection of well-being.

The benefits of cryotherapy

Whole body cryotherapy, through its actions, optimizes muscle recovery after sports activity, intensifies training or reduces sports injuries:

  • General preparation
  • Immediate post-traumatic recovery
  • Muscle recovery
  • Increase in tissue drainage by a non-doping technique

Beats the competition at all sporting events:

Winning is a matter of performance and when it comes to fitness, surpassing your competition means being faster, stronger and lasting longer. Studies show that whole body cryotherapy is an effective way to improve your workout or fitness.

Cryotherapy opens up critical blood circulation pathways in the body, which increases oxygen content and increases performance. After a single session, you will begin to notice greater flexibility, better endurance, reduced recovery time and reduce inflammation on your entire body.

The extreme cold reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and relaxes the muscles that are put to the test by your overtraining and your competitions. It promotes your blood circulation and the elimination of waste from the body as a result of your efforts.

Whole Body Cryotherapy can reduce a level of CPK muscle enzymes responsible for muscle fatigue, myalgia post stress, aches. Extreme cold improves the heat storage capacity inside the muscles for endurance efforts of less than 1 hour, improving muscle performance.

Cryotherapy session without medical procedure