Pedal and Burn more than 1000 calories in 1 session of 30 minutes!


Discover the Infra CRYOFAST Bike technological innovation

Each session gives you:

  • Unparalleled calories loss in a minimum of time
  • Accelerated and painless weight loss Immediate muscle strengthening
  • Visible results quickly
  • A “Hot & Cold” sequence for your well-being

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The Infra CRYOFAST Bike exercise combines unique innovative technologies such as elongated pedaling associated with air vacuum suction, Infratherapy, Cryotherapy, Oxygen therapy, Ozone therapy, Aromatherapy as well as Red Collagen Light.

Finally an effective and innovative solution for well-being, weight loss and high-intensity physical exercise with muscle recovery.

Infra-CRYOFAST-Bike noir

Stimulate your five senses with each session!

VACUUM (Air Suction)

The air vacuum created allows the muscles to boost the effort in the depressurized capsule and dilate the blood vessels. Blood circulation is stimulated, so nutrients and oxygen reach the cells faster.
Pedaling stimulates body drainage and destroys the adipose tissue that causes orange peel skin.


Thanks to the infrared lamps which heat the inside of the capsule up to 55°C, the heat leads to a significant burning of calories and promotes slimmin.
Combined with the air vacuum, the whole leads a vasodilation. This technology stimulates the lymph, detoxifies the body, and results in a strengthening of the immune system.
The long infrared rays, which are the most beneficial, act on the muscles and help the body to destock fat accumulations while eliminating cellulite.


The internal temperature of the capsule of up to -30°C during training, simultaneously promotes effort and muscle recovery.
Thanks to the thermal shock, the production of endorphins and dopamines generated during the session stimulate performance and provide an immediate feeling of well-being. This session will train and regulate melatonin, known for restful and deep sleep.


Oxygen is an energy booster that facilitates the use of sugars and fats by the muscles. Throughout the effort, oxygen requirements increase, breathing and heart rate accelerate.
Thanks to better oxygenation, the muscles work more efficiently and you will then see a better tolerance to effort.


Powerful oxidant, Ozone activates the immune system, increases the energy of red blood cells and promotes the elimination of waste accumulated on the epidermis.
Well known, ozone therapy helps detoxify the body, burn fat, facilitate weight loss and lead to cellular rejuvenation and firming of the skin’s surface.


Aromatherapy based on essential oil stimulates the body’s natural defenses thanks to the power of plants. Its fragrance has a beneficial effect on the mind and plays an important role in the prevention of stress-related pathologies.

Many benefits


The physical intensity of the exercise that benefits from Infra CRYOFAST Bike technology will allow you to burn nearly 1000 calories in 30 minutes. Your body will then draw the necessary energy from the fat mass to boost weight loss and refine the silhouette. Combined with a balanced diet, the results are visible fast.

Muscle strengthening

Lying down during the session under the pressurization of the Vaccum, all the gluteal muscles, thighs and calves as well as the abdominal belt will then be used for better toning.


Stimulate by physical effort, the cardiovascular system is strengthened and allows a better vascularization of the whole body as well as your respiratory capacities. The production of endorphins and dopamines boosted during the session provide an immediate feeling of well-being.

Lymphatic drainage & stimulation of blood flow

Heat combined with vacuum aspiration produces vasodilation. This technological innovation stimulates the lymph, a detoxification of the body that strengthens the immune system. 

More beautiful and firmer skin

The combination of intense heat and extreme cold in the capsule promotes both, pore dilatation, which leads to the elimination of toxic waste from the dermis and epidermis and then the shrinkage of the pores with a tightening effect on the skin.
The red collagen light, on the other hand, stimulates the natural production of collagen and repairs the elastin fibers.

Process of a session



Discovery Session

1 session

5 sessions (valid for 3 months)

10 sessions (valid for 3 months)

20 sessions (valid for 3 months)

30 min






45 min