Brand licensing

A new level of Wellness, Sport & Beauty

CRYOFAST is Europe's leading network of cryotherapy and fitness centers, committed to providing innovative and effective wellness solutions. Joining the CRYOFAST brand licensing network will increase your potential for success with an affordable, cost-effective turnkey solution.

Discover our CRYOFAST Wellness & Beauty ProWorking spaces, combining cryotherapy and fitness for the general public, as well as a shared space for wellness and nutrition therapists. Take advantage of our comprehensive "Parcours du Cryofaster" program combining well-being, sport and beauty.

With 7 years' experience under its belt, CRYOFAST Group has already established around 20 centers in France, the French overseas departments and territories and Spain, and aims to reach 100 licensed centers and Corners in Europe by the end of 2026, making CRYOFAST the benchmark wellness solution for the general public. We are committed to taking care of people, and work closely with the worlds of sport, traditional and alternative health, and beauty.

Are you an entrepreneur who shares our interests and ambitions? CRYOFAST is the project for you!

From project to Wellness Lifestyle

At CRYOFAST Group, our main ambition is to have a positive impact on the world around us, by integrating environmentally-friendly economic development and limiting our carbon footprint. We are committed to caring for people while working to preserve our planet. Our daily challenge is to remain the No. 1 brand in cryotherapy expertise and to promote the CRYOFAST Lifestyle, both in France and internationally, by adopting sustainable and responsible practices.

Our premium centers offer the latest technologies in cryotherapy, wellness and fitness for a unique, personalized experience, with programs tailored to individual needs and objectives.

Our licensed CRYOFAST centers specialize in :

  • Cryo Corps Partiel -> Performance and well-being for body and mind
  • CRYO Facial & Local -> Facial care and targets localized pain
  • BODYFAST RF by CRYOFAST -> Muscle gain, Slimming, Anti-cellulite
  • HUBER 360° FIIT by LPG -> Deep muscle strengthening
  • CRYOFAST HOT BIKE -> Slimming, anti-cellulite, muscle strengthening

Brand awareness and unique visual identity

When you join CRYOFAST, you'll benefit from a customized layout for your center, incorporating CRYOFAST's distinctive brand identity and graphic charter. Benefit from optimal referencing and digital marketing expertise to enhance your brand image.

More assets for your success:

  • Successful business model
  • Daily operational support and CRYOFAST experience
  • R&D on innovative technologies in line with our values
  • Proposals for simple, automated and technological internal management tools

We collaborate with experts, top athletes and influencers in the fields of well-being, sport and beauty, reinforcing the credibility of our brand and reaching a qualified and committed audience.

CRYOFAST regularly organizes events, public relations operations and participates in trade shows to promote its services, strengthen its reputation and meet new licensees and partners.

The Market

The wellness and cryotherapy market in 2023 is experiencing significant growth, not least due to the aftermath of the global health crisis, which has underlined the importance of taking care of oneself. Wellness is seen as a remedy for overcoming the challenges of everyday life, providing a moment of respite and relaxation.

By 2022, the wellness market will be worth around 4,500 billion euros, or 5.5% of global economic output, thanks to growing awareness of health and wellness.

The cryotherapy market is also benefiting from this trend. Consumers are looking for natural, innovative and effective solutions to improve well-being, fitness and reduce stress. Cryotherapy has become a popular option, with a growing demand for specialized services and centers.

CRYOFAST stands out as a leader and forerunner in the French and European market for cryotherapy for well-being and slimming for the general public. We are positioned in a premium segment, offering top-of-the-range services and a superior customer experience.

Be a CRYOFAST licensee

Caroline & Antony, CRYOFAST Thonon-les-bains

"Pascal Jarmoune won us over with his CRYOFAST concept, and kept his promises on the key elements of our success throughout the creation of our project. We particularly appreciate his availability, his presence, his sound advice, his open-mindedness, his responsiveness - in short, his professionalism. Today, we're happy and proud to be part of this network, and to pass on to our customers the CRYOFAST DNA that already runs in our veins. Thank you Pascal, thank you CRYOFAST!

Séverine Mardelay, CRYOFAST Versailles

"An innovative concept, the network's truly solid structure, the contact and great availability of its founder from the outset was paramount and represents an essential element for a successful opening. CRYOFAST is exactly what we were looking for".


Join CRYOFAST, France's #1 cryotherapy company

By becoming a CRYOFAST licensee, you'll benefit from growth opportunities thanks to our expansion plans in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and South America. What's more, the integration of new technologies and innovative products in cryotherapy, slimming and fitness, as well as additional sales, will boost your business. In short, becoming a licensee of the CRYOFAST brand offers many advantages, including the opportunity to join the European market leader in a growth sector, to benefit from marketing, inventory management and technical support, and to take advantage of a profitable business model with a potentially rapid return on investment. Make the winning choice with the CRYOFAST brand license.

CRYOFAST, a new level of Wellness, Sport & Beauty!

CRYOFAST, a new level of Wellness, Sport & Beauty!

Innovative Wellness Concept

Discover our brand-new wellness concept and offer your customers a unique, revitalizing experience. With a brand license in cryotherapy, you benefit from an exceptional opportunity to combine beauty, muscle strengthening and well-being. Cryotherapy sessions contribute to cell regeneration, improved blood circulation and the release of endorphins, offering immediate and lasting well-being.

Entering the Beauty Industry

Become an entrepreneur in the beauty industry by offering cryotherapy treatments for well-being and beauty. Our brand license will enable you to offer effective solutions to improve skin, reduce cellulite and firm the figure, bringing visible results and high customer satisfaction.

Opening a home beauty salon

Make your dream of opening a home beauty salon come true by offering cryotherapy sessions for well-being and muscle strengthening. Thanks to our brand license, you can offer your customers an exceptional experience combining skin care, relaxation and fitness.

Wellness Center in Paris

Set up your wellness center in Paris with our brand license in cryotherapy. Attract a clientele concerned with beauty and well-being by offering cryotherapy and fitness sessions that help improve skin appearance and strengthen muscles.

CRYOFAST licensee

Become a CRYOFAST licensee and benefit from leading cryotherapy expertise. Our brand license for cryotherapy opens the door to a world where beauty, muscle strengthening and well-being are at the heart of the customer experience.

Cryotherapy Trademark License

CRYOFAST's branded cryotherapy licenses enable you to offer holistic solutions focused on wellness, muscle strengthening and beauty. Offer your customers an exceptional experience and differentiate yourself in the wellness industry.

Advantages of the CRYOFAST Trademark License

Join the European leader in cryotherapy and leverage our reputation, expertise and top Google ranking to propel your center to success. Offer your customers an unrivalled wellness, muscle-building and beauty experience, while growing your business.