Whole Body Cryotherapy is a natural, fast, and effective, non-medicinal treatment that places your body in a chamber (head out)—the “cryosauna” — to expose for 3 minutes at temperatures ranging from -120°C to -160°C.

You then naturally develop cold-fighting reflexes that generate positive effects on a whole range of pathologies and trauma. This exposure results in hormonal and biochemical effects that significantly improve the predisposition to analgesia, in other words to reduce body pain by acting as a powerful psychic stimulator.

Why the cryotherapy?

One session eliminates the feeling of fatigue, relaxes tense muscles and increases blood flow through the integuments and internal organs. In addition, there is a decrease in edema due to an increase in the body of anti-inflammatory and healing hormones. It is an effective complementary treatment to the rehabilitation of clients suffering from severe pain or with pronounced muscular spasticity. CRYOFAST treatments can accompany high-level sports training. Recovery times are reduced and the sensations of pain following intense effort or shocks are significantly reduced.


The individual CryoSauna

The cold source of the CRYOSAUNA is evaporation in the generator of low temperatures of liquefied nitrogen from the external cryogenic tank.

The nominal treatment temperature is between -120°C and -160°C, our cryousaunas made in France are equipped with « body-sliders » doors that adapt to the height of each user. Thus, the standing user is immersed only up to the shoulders with the head above the level of the cold gases which allows him to breathe ambient air without the need to wear a protection on the mouth. A gas extraction system is installed to extract the nitrogen vapours emitted during the operation of the device.

During a session, the cabin user is wearing the mandatory “comfort & safety pack” which are protective gloves and disposable socks as well as his underwear or bathing suit. A comfortable bathrobe is provided to enter and exit the cryosauna.

Who is Whole Body
Cryotherapy for?

Both athletes and people suffering from inflammatory diseases – rheumatism, osteoarthritis – or who are prone to stress and sleep disorders. But the Whole Body Cryotherapy can also be used as a simple measure of personal comfort and well-being: relaxation, skin tightening, weight control..


Consult your doctor
before starting your treatment.

  • 18 years Minimum
  • 40 Kg Minimum
  • Open wounds
  • Lactating women
  • High untreated blood pressure, values greater than 160/100 mmHg
  • Infarction, coronary artery disease, subcutaneous device, Pace-Maker
  • Rhythm disorders, heart failure
  • Arteriopathy, microangiopathy
  • Deep vein thrombosis/phlebitis
  • Polyneuropathies and sensitivity disorders
  • Kidney and bladder diseases 
  • Intermurrent condition not stabilized 
  • Myocardial infarction less than 6 months AVC pulmonary embolism
  • Respiratory disease (asthma,bronchopneumopathy)
  • Circulatory insufficiency (Raynaud syndrome)
  • Angina pectoris
  • Renal colic, hepatic colic
  • Hyper uricaemia 
  • Acute infection 
  • Known pregnancy

Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy?


For well-being, to reduce your pain, decrease inflammation, relax your muscles and promote your circulation, boost your immune defenses.


Cryotherapie a paris

CRYOFAST Sport: To optimize recovery after sporting activity, intensify your training or soothe certain sports injuries.


Cryofast-pour le bien-etre

For beauty, to feel fit, fight against the effects of time on the skin, improve its silhouette, feeling of well-being.


DISCOVERY session 30€ Recommended price

Cold treatment! 
Stay fit all year

CRYOFAST and measurements barriers

Cryotherapy session without medical procedure