Localized applications of dry cold relate to body and face treatments for aesthetic purposes or for the reduction of joint, muscle and tendon inflammation. Thus, our « Cryofasters » target both sporting, beauty & well-being objectives

Cryo Facial & Local treatment

Among the many technologies available in the world, CRYOFAST has selected 1 European-made high performance cryotherapy equipment..
The « CRYO FACIAL & LOCAL » localized cryotherapy works with nitrogen and allows temperatures to be reached at the outlet of the diffuser of -140 ° C. This phenomenon stimulates and triggers natural reflexes to fight against the cold. Physiological chain reactions respond to this thermal shock. This level of cold allows you to benefit from a fast and effective care time between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the targeted areas and then to penetrate more quickly in depth.

It is also possible to use « CRYO FACIAL & LOCAL » in addition to Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions to accelerate the effects of the treatment by targeting the painful area.

Localized cryotherapy improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, decreases pain and speeds up the healing process.

An aesthetic treatment

The aesthetic indications are:
• Stimulation of collagen production
• Reduction of wrinkles and lines
• Tightens pores and firms the skin

A wellness-oriented treatment

There are many pathologies that can be reduced with Cryotherapy:

Analgesic reaction
Improved blood flow
Acceleration of tissue repair
• Neuropathy
Tendon injury
Muscle tension
• Osteoarthritis

In order to ensure a safe localized cryotherapy session, our “CRYO FACIAL & LOCAL” is equipped with a colored LED indicating the correct distance between the skin and the treatment nozzle as well as a stopwatch to respect the protocols of treatments

CRYOFAST and barrier measures

Cryotherapy session without medical procedure