A high-performance cabin that make safety a priority.

Among the models Whole Body Cryotherapy cabins that operate with nitrogen available in the international market, CRYOFAST Group has chosen to distribute the latest generation French-made CRYOFAST CRYO EVO.

This unique and patented model is the only one that allows you to practice a very large number of cryotherapies with a prevention system of security, thanks to mandatory prevention maintenance with the factory at all times.

Thanks to the CRYOFAST CRYO EVO you will have up-to-date equipment, safe, high-performance and with a contemporary design.


Technical innovations

Exclusive patented Body Slider system – The cabin adapts to the costumer size (1.50m to 2.20m)

  • Nitrogen mist extractor at the shoulders to prevent the costumer from inhaling nitrogen
  • Double outlet of nitrogen in gaseous state inside the cabin for an even diffusion of the cold on the body
  • A fixed Oximeter which detects the percentage of oxygen in the room and automatically stops the nitrogen supply when the percentage of oxygen drops below 18%
  • 7 sensors to optimize the safety of your cabin
  • Stainless steel frame for maximal durability and robustness
  • Control touch screen
  • Ultra-fast start and stop drying system
cryofast France

Technical Data

  • Power: 1.5kw

  • Width: 870 mm

  • Length: 1 560 mm

  • Height: 2 160 mm

  • Weight: 240 kg

  • Nitrogen consummation during the session at -150°C= about a liter per minute

*For information, the consumption of nitrogen depends on the humidity level in the room

cryotherapie paris 2

Before performing a Whole Body Cryotherapy

The indications of the Whole-Body Cryotherapy are aimed at the fields of sport, health and well-being. The known and recognize benefits are related to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects that result from the thermoregulation process caused by the fast drop in surface temperature of the skin (thermic shock).

In addition to the training delivered and certified by the manufacturer, CRYOFAST Group recommends that you take the training: U.D. expert in Cryotherapy, available in France (more information from our support service).

  • Measurement of the patient’s blood pressure and constants (for a medical operator)
  • Complete the consent and contraindication form for Cryotherapy.
  • Customer must be wearing gloves, slippers and special headband for cold protection.
  • Ensure the care or assistance of the costumer at the exit of the cabin.

Installation pre-requisites

  • The area of the room housing the cabin is not less than 12m2, ideally we recommend 12-18 m2 (the exchange of cabins is not included)
  • The width of the access door must not be less than 0.88meters. The distance between the nitrogen and the cabin must be 1.80m maximum.
  • The room temperature must be between 15 and 35°C and the humidity of the room must be a maximum 65% (ideally 45%)
  • 1 dedicated 230V single-phase power supply at 16A
  • 1 air extractor*(capacity will be defined with the service according to the configuration of the room and the type of nitrogen storage. The suction must be positions in the lower part (nitrogen is heavier than air) and the air entry from above.
  • 1 oxygen detector system (included in the equipment)
  • 1 external drain *Ø 100mm to connect the CRYOEvo cabin with a flexible duct provide by the manufacturer. The extractor must be at 2,1m above.
  • WIFI access for remote maintenance